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Why should I get a pre-purchase plumbing inspection report in the Central Coast?

The last thing you need when you move into your new home is a nasty plumbing surprise. The inconvenience is bad enough but the cost of replacing a water heater, fixing a hidden leaking pipe or a cracked sewer line can be significant.

It is still a case of ‘let the buyer beware’ when purchasing a property, so take control today.

Domestic Plumbing Inspections

Pre-purchase your Plumbing Inspection Report within 24 hours of Inspection.
Your comprehensive report from Andrew Venables Plumbing Inspections will cover the plumbing and gas services at your new home in the Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, the North Shore or Eastern Suburbs.

What do you do in your Plumbing Inspections?

Our advanced plumbing inspections cover

  • Pressure test of water pipes
  • Leak detection test of the main water supply
  • Pressure test gas pipes
  • Leak detection test of gas piping, meter sets, regulators and all fixtures and fitting connections
  • Check all internal and external taps, fixtures and fittings
  • Ensure all isolation valves, tempering valves and pressure limiting valves are installed
  • Check all types of hot water service and associated pipe work
  • Check the rainwater tank, associated pipework, pump(s), first flush system and all associated valves
  • Inspect downpipes and guttering
  • Inspect all suspended sanitary drainage and storm water under timber floors, where access is available

What do your inspections include?

Our inspections include 

  • Detailed report covering all the essential plumbing services and gas connections (see below for a full inspection list)
  • Your personal login to access your plumbing report online
  • Report available within 24 hours of the inspection
  • Photos included where necessary
  • Easy to understand format
  • Printable report
  • All of the features of the Premium Report plus CCTV assessment of sewer and stormwater pipes within the boundary of the location up to 25m
  • Identifies cracks, damage and tree root interference

Frequently Asked Questions

A building inspection is performed by a builder, not a plumber. Builders can give you an overview, but they are not qualified to give detailed information about plumbing, drainage or gas work at your new home.

Ask to see a sample building report from the company you intend to use. The reports should comply with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007 and you will see that plumbing is usually listed as a specific exclusion. In fact, many building reports recommend you obtain a separate plumbing report.

Building inspections typically include flushing the toilet and turning the taps on and off. The report might note that a tap is leaking, but there will be no advice on whether this requires a minor or major repair. Only a qualified plumber can give you that advice and an estimate of the costs involved. The comprehensive inspection and level of detail in a plumbing report means that you will avoid any unpleasant surprises when you move into your new home.

We cover

  • Central Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Hunter Valley
  • Sydney

Andrew Venables is a licensed plumber and a Master Plumber so he is well qualified to undertake the inspection and prepare your report. He has professional indemnity insurance and public liability cover.

Please visit the Master Plumbers Association NSW website for further information.

  1. Enquire online.
  2. We will will contact your real estate agent the next working day to make a booking. Our operators will make three attempts to book in your property with the real estate agent.
  3. You will be notified of the booking time and that payment will be required prior to the inspection.
  4. Set up login and password details and pay online by Paypal or direct bank credit.
  5. You can use that login to download and print your plumbing report within 24 hours of the inspection.

We will only ask for payment for the inspection when a time has been booked with the real estate agent. You must pay before attendance by one of our technicians.

Some common problems identified include

  • Pinholes/severe oxidation of copper pipes
  • Severely rusted galvanized water/gaspipes
  • No pressure limiting valves installed on hot water services
  • No tempering valve installed on electric, solar or instantaneous hot water services
  • No isolation valves installed under kitchen sinks or vanity basins that have mixer taps installed
  • No pressure reduction valve installed on water meter
  • Flexible water connectors rusted under vanities/kitchen sink
  • Flexible water connectors utilised to connect hot water services
  • Leaking S and P trap rubbers
  • Leaking tap washers in laundry/shower/basin
  • Leaking garden taps
  • Leaking temperature pressure relief valve
  • Gas leaks on regulators/meter sets
  • Leaking/rusted gutter/downpipes
  • Cracked non glued stormwater fitting
  • Leaking plug and wastes
  • Broken/collapsed sewer mains
  • Broken/squashed stormwater
  • Root penetration causing obstruction/blockage in sewer/stormwater main
  • Rainwater pump not working
  • No first flush system installed on rainwater tank
  • No backflow prevention installed for irrigation sprinklers which causes possible cross contamination
  • Stormwater piping connected into sewer pipes
  • Hot water service may need replacing or be close to expiry date
  • Discover out-dated or old piping materials
  • Incompatible materials
  • Water hammer
  • Leaking fixtures and waste lines.

We do not assess pools. You should contact specialist swimming pool technician.

Andrew Venables Plumbing owns and operates Advanced Plumbing Inspections Pty Ltd on the Central Coast, performing plumbing inspections from the Hunter Valley, to Newcastle to Sydney.