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Based in Canberra, we are the ACT’s local plumbers. Our services include general plumbing, gas fitting, hot water service and advanced plumbing inspections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be five reasons why your drains are blocked.
If you’ve noticed the water isn’t draining away from your shower base, your toilet is
overflowing, the sink won’t drain quickly or is gurgling or water is coming up through the
floor waste you more than likely have a blocked sewer drain.

  1. Don’t flush sanitary items down the toilet.
    It’s obvious and we all know not to do it, but this is the number one cause of blocked toilets.
    Sanitary items, nappy wipes, hand towels and too much toilet paper (thank you helpful
    toddler) can all cause blocked sewer pipes.
  2. Food washed down the sink has built up.
    Rice, oats, grease and fats flushed down the sink in your kitchen can all cause your sink to
    block up. Rice and oats can swell once they have been rinsed off your dishes and fats solidify
    and block up the drain. Instead, insert a sink drainer to catch food scraps and pour grease
    and fat into a disposable containers.
  3. Hair is blocking your shower drain.
    If your shower drain smells rotten it is probably because it’s blocked with hair and soap.
    Long hair can get tangled in the drain and doesn’t wash away easily. The removal of this hair
    often looks like an enormous wet rat but your showers will instantly smell better.
  4. Tree roots are blocking your drains
    Tree roots can find their way into cracked pipes and block them over time. Older houses
    often have clay pipes which can crack and deteriorate. Trees find their way to this source of
    water and their roots can quickly fill and block the pipes.
  5. Your pipes have collapsed
    Clay and plastic pipes can break and collapse with age, vehicles driving over them or
    renovation works. The best solution in these cases is to excavate the broken pipes and
    replace them.

The toilet running after you’ve flushed doesn’t mean you need a new toilet. There are two
reasons your toilet is still running and they both have to do with the valves. Andrew
Venables Plumbing can supply and install these valves in one simple visit. Of course, if you
want to update your toilet suite with a more water efficient one or something that looks
more modern, Andrew can supply and install a new toilet for you.

Leaking hot water heaters in general will need to be replaced. Andrew Venables Plumbing
supplies and installs solar hot water, instantaneous hot water, gas and electric hot water
tanks. These systems come with a 10 or 12 year warranty so it will be a long time until you
need to replace them again. Andrew provides temporary hot water heaters until your new
one is installed so his customers can continue to have hot showers.

Is a leaking tap driving your crazy? Showers continually dripping, tap handles won’t turn all
the way off, kitchen tap dripping, a slow leak out of your garden tap? Andrew Venables
Plumbing does all types of plumbing maintenance around your home and you can trust him
to give friendly, efficient service to fix these problems for you.

Safety first. Turn off the gas that supplies the leaking appliance. For gas BBQ’s you’ll need to
turn off the gas bottle, gas ovens and cooktops will often have a yellow handled valve in a
cupboard you’ll need to turn to stop gas supply. Once the gas is off ventilate the area and
call Andrew Venables, plumber, drainer and gasfitter immediately to rectify the problem.