6 Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom or Ensuite

Considering a bathroom renovation? Here are 6 tips to consider when renovating your bathroom.

This Sunday the 21st of August 2020 The Block commences on Channel 9. Are you considering a new bathroom? Do you get inspired by new bathrooms shown during the series? If you have answered YES to these questions, Andrew Venables Plumbing can assist with your new bathroom. Andrew Venables Plumbing completes bathrooms in Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Kincumber, Gosford, East Gosford, Saratoga, Davistown, Erina, Bensville essentially the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Andrew Venables Plumbing recommends the following tips when renovating your bathroom.

  1. Obtain three or four quotes from different Bathroom renovation businesses.
  2. Ensure all trades are licensed and fully insured (check via DOFT)
  3. Don’t rush into your decisions on fittings and fixtures
  4. Invest in a draftsman or architect
  5. Have a clear idea of why you are renovating
  6. Finally, have vanities, toilets, tapware and all specifications on site at commencement of renovation.

Bathroom renovations or renovating any room of your house should be fun, but your bathroom is an integral part of your residence. People spend a lot time in there, so fitting your bathroom out with quality fixtures and fittings from Reece Plumbing Supplies is a great option to have.

Andrew Venables Plumbing only uses quality products supplied by Reece Plumbing and has access to all there stores Australia Wide. When considering a bathroom renovation in Kincumber, Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Erina, Saratoga, Davistown, Greenpoint, Gosford, East Gosford consider Andrew Venables Plumbing for all your bathroom renovations.

The following tips may beneficial on bathroom renovations and how to make it all happen.

1) Obtain three to four quotes and get a realistic idea of what your bathroom renovation is going to cost it could save you thousands. There are so many variables that may have an impact on the cost of a bathroom, so it’s essential to get these quotes first.

Please note: it takes more tradespeople to complete a bathroom renovation than in any other room of the house, so bathroom-work is expensive – especially if they’re done right. In relation to quotes, the best way to source them is through word of mouth.

2) Ensure your trades are fully insured and licensed, this can be completed by an online check via the Department of Fair Trading in New South Wales. A good tradesman will always hand the client a copy of all insurances and licenses on commencement of the renovation.

3) Allow yourself time and be sure to not rush it. Good product take time to get, especially when you take into account all the new trends these days for taps, showers, wall hung vanities and toilets.  

4) Bathrooms are and can be tough at times! To get the details right it may be beneficial investing in a draftsman or architect to draw plans for you. This will only cost you a few hundred dollars but more than likely to save you hundreds more. The plans will give you and retailers you visit a clear understanding of what will fit and what will work in your new bathroom, not to mention this will assist the plumber, electrician, and carpenters clear guidelines to work with. Most tradies will tell you they would all prefer to work off detailed plans than a rough sketch done on a piece of cardboard.

5) Have a clear understanding of why you are renovating your bathroom. Is it is for the re-sale value or are you wanting to create a dream bathroom that you plan to enjoy for many years to come.

6) Finally, Andrew Venables Plumbing is firm believer to have all fitting and fixtures on site at commencement of renovation. By having the bathroom products – tiles, toilets, taps, basins – on site and ready for your tradies, this will not only save you money but also reduce the time it takes to complete the bathroom renovation. By having the products on site the tradies can see what needs to be installed, and there are no excuses if something is wrong in the completed bathroom. Combined all this together with a good set of plans or drawings and a great team of reliable tradesmen you will go a long way to achieving the bathroom you wanted.